Resourced Services

We offer skilled Information Technology and Software R&D services by our senior consultants in different roles, to locally support our clients’ resource needs in all business areas, for as long as needed. We continuously follow up the progress of the assignments making sure both our clients as well as our consultants are fully satisfied and take action as needed.

Outsourced Solutions

We offer tailored software R&D solutions for our clients’ specific needs for software delivery, through our expert outsourcing teams covering anything from small to large sized projects. As a client you will always be well taken care of, continuously up-to-date with our transparent development process and in frequent communication with both our local team of consultants coordinating the projects as well as our expert outsourcing team developing the requested software.

Interim Management Services

We offer business interim services within Business Management, Project Management, and Recruitment by experienced management consultants during a specific interim period based on our clients' needs. Together with the client we discuss important business values and set up objectives to be achieved with the specific interim role in order to represent our clients’ own brand. As a client, you will always be up-to-date with the business status and involved in important business decisions, giving you full control of the role being carried out.